Deactiveren van staven,vlakken, solids of steunpunten in een belastinggeval in RFEM 5

This option is useful for excluding members, surfaces, solids or supports in a specific load case.

In the following example has been taken in considering a simple steel beam supported on three supports. Its aim is excluding the intermediate support (red circled in picture 1) 

in a specific load case, in order to show the difference between the internal forces obtained with and without its presence.

 Ligger op drie steunpunten in RFEM rekensoftware

Picture 1: Model.

 In order to deactivate the intermediate support, do as follows:

 1. Create a new load case;

 2. Go to the tab Calculation Parameters;

 3. Tick the tick-box Deactivate. After have ticked the tick-box, a new tab “Deactivate” will appear next to that for Calculation Parameters (picture 17);

 4. Go to the tab Deactivate;

 5. Tick the tick-box Nodal support and select the supports to deactivate (picture 18).


Deactiveren van objecten in RFEM rekensoftware

Picture 2: Calculation parameter – Deactivate.


Deactiveren van objecten in RFEM rekensoftware  

Picture 3: Deactivate – Nodal support.




 The following three pictures relate respectively to the bending moments obtained for the LC1 (with intermediate support) and for the LC2 (with the exclusion of the intermediate support), and the comparison between them.
 Momenten op 3 steunpunten in RFEM rekensoftwarePicture 4: Bending moment with intermediate support.
 Ligger op 2 steunpunten in RFEM rekensoftware Picture 5: Bending moment without intermediate support.
Vergelijking momentenlijn 2 of 3 steunpunten in RFEM rekensoftware  Picture 6: Comparison of the bending moments.