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IDEA StatiCa release *

Application history

Release notes

Version 9.1

Release notes version 9.1

IDEA StatiCa Connection
- Fixed crash on rod beams
- Fixed unit of area effective
- Adapted butt weld on tubes
- Some fixes in connecting plate command.
- Fixe welds created by cut operation in case of CHS sections.

IDEA StatiCa Detail
– Fixed finding extreme combination

IDEA StatiCa Concrete
- RCS – import  reinforcement templates on general cross-section

IDEA StatiCa Connection
- Fixed crash in standoff base plate check
- Fixed crash in ROD weld element
- Check of undefined plate geometry
- Fixed alignement of long text in the report
- Prevent the project items tree from closing
- Fixed bolt grid on the splice plate
- Fixed properties view when copying an connection

IDEA StatiCa Concrete
- fixed fcd,fat for the NEN national annex
– fixed bars numering in the reinforcement editors
– fixed calulation of tendon fatigue check
– fixed drawing of compressed area in the checks

- Improved detection of continuous beam in import from Advanced Steel

IDEA StatiCa Connection

- Mesh adaptation on tubes
- Data adaptation because of intermittend welds
- Formulas fix in anchor check
- Warning when various anchors are used
- Weld with smaller fu is set in  EN
- fixed shear lug - horizontal anchoring
- fixed backing plate geometry
- fixed input of general CSS input by table
- fixed material input of connecting plate

IDEA StatiCa Beam
- fix line support generation
- BLR crash fix

IDEA StatiCa Detail
- fixed crash of calculation of big structures
- fixed input of load
- fixed report crash

- fixed Advance Steel link - import of diagonal tube

- Tekla Structures 2018i

IDEA StatiCa Concrete
- fixed BLR report crash

IDEA StatiCa Detail
- fixed crashed in report

- fixed Staad.Pro link

IDEA StatiCa Connection
- Parametric single connection templates
- Stiffness analysis for torsion
- Auto-checks of model, warnings
- Stress/strain pallet in the 3D scene
- Australian code

IDEA StatiCa Detail
- Frame joints
- ACI code
- Perfect bond
- Improvements of UI

- IDEA StatiCa Code-check manager
- Merging exported projects
- Revit 2019 BIM link
- Tekla Structural Designer BIM link

Version 9.0

IDEA Connection
- Fixed project item name in combo box after rename
- Fixed cut of plate by surface
- Fix of contacts for general plates
- Fix of beta,w for welds in EN code
- Fix of the picking tool in 3D scene for cleats, general grids/welds and openings
- Fix of load effects rendering in wireframe view
- Fix of Australian HA profiles thickness
- Disable of "Apply template" if any operation exist
- Fixed mitre cut with plate
- Added support for option to switch on/off but welds
- Fix of the crash in of the stub with custom cross-section

IDEA Detail
- Fixed global width of polylines for different scales in DXF import

- Fix of prestressed steel material properties for Midas Civil link
- Fix of crash with wrong welds for Advance Steel link
- Added support for Tekla Structures 2018 link
- Fix of section angle for Advance Design link
- Fix of wrong eccentricities of members for RFEM link

- Fix of reinforcement layout in haunches
- Fix of edge numbering for reinforcement layout input for haunched beams
- BLR improvement - generation of combination according to selected types
- BLR checks are now independent from the standart checks selection

IDEA Connection
- fixed automatic instalation of connection templates
- fixed crash during editation of general cold-formed crossSection
- improved drawing of circular plate
- fixed exeption in project wizard (occured for several templates)
- fixed action "Connect to...": bad design code used for template. Resulted to inconsistent data in project.
- fixed possible crash in internal forces input
- fixed possible crash in plate editor
- add end stiffener for channel sections
- add support for different materials of composite cross-sections
- fixed local coordinate system of connecting plate
- fixed opening operation with more openings
- fixed material of rod element
- check of contact between concrete and plate
- fixed singularity in RHS beam weld connection
- fixed load table visibility
- fixed mitre cut + adding option to switch welds on/off on mitre cuts
- fixed crash of calculation of stubs with selected profiles

IDEA Detail
- fixed presentation of line support reaction
- fixed asymetrical result on the symetrical structure with the support connected to bearing plate
- fixed input o of point load
- change of maximal CSS height to 40m

- fixed import of L rolled profile (rotation) in RFEM/RSTAB link
- fixed import of excentricities from RFEM
- fixed import of angles when importing from Advance Design
- fixed shear check of not reinforced conrete

IDEA Connection
 - implemented influence of plate thickness on weld material
 - fixed mesh on RHS beams
 - fixed shear resistance of anchors
 - fixed group of anchors pry-out resistance check
 - implemented influence of plate thickness on concrete strength calculation for concentrated stress in concrete block
 - fixed import of general cross-section to connections
 - fixed LCS of connecting plate
 - added cross-sectional characteristics
 - fixed coordinate system of backing plate
 - fixed influence of wideners on calculated length of  continuous beams
 - fixed invalid default length in case of parallel members
 - fixed wrong cut - stiffeners at the end of beam
 - fixed cut by plate removing opening
 - Fixed selection by mouse when evaluating results
 - fixed crash when defining  general bolt

 - fixed E-modulus of tendon when importing from Midas Civil

IDEA Detail
 -fixed missing crack calculation on some parts of reinforcement

 - prestressing –fixed calculation of linear stress along design member
 - fixed horizontal displacement caused by own weight when casting to formwork

 - update of language versions

IDEA Detail
 - fixed assignment of anchorage length to bars in section
 - fixed drawing orientation of anchorage lengths on beam consisting of more members
 - added table header tooltips in SLS checks result tables
 - fixed drawing of deformed shape
 - fixed palette setting for results drawing

IDEA Connection
 - fixed coefficients for bearing resistance
 - fixed directions of shear forces in anchors
 - fixed bond of welds on plates, which do not  intersect
 - fixed weld length of closed profiles
 - fixed bonds for butt welds
 - fixed AISC standoff anchors
 - fixed bolt to edge distance in AISC Standard
 - fixed AISC shear lug - A_Vc value
 - fixed AISC side-face blowout failure
 - fixed check of 2 base plates for CISC and AISC
 - fixed missing resistance factor in slip-resistant bolts check
 - fixed weld data missing in result tables
 - fixed base plates shear forces update
 - fixed crash after units changed
 - fixed load description for resistance check of connected member
 - fixed input of opening on tube
 - fixed missing weld in cut by surface operation
 - modification of cut by surface, when the resulting hole is close the cutted plate

Version 9.0.24

IDEA StatiCa Connection
 - fixed conversion of welds for old projects
 - import from Tekla and AS2018 - prevent to create duplicate joints (using the same selection)

IDEA Beam, IDEA Frame
 - fixed missing button for adding of new cross-sections

IDEA Detail
 - hidding poisson coefficient and G for reinforcement steel

IDEA StatiCa Connection

Navigator replaced with the ribbon tabs
3D scene
• Updated technology for the visualization of 3D scene
• Tools for the 3D scene visualization style
• Tree of all entities in the 3D scene
• Properties picking from the 3D scene
• Load effects visualization
• Shear force position moved from Load effect to the member design
• Summary of results in the 3D scene
• Right mouse button commands
o Entities modification
o One-member templates
Bill of Material in the Report tab
Material and cross-section libraries joined to Material tab
File menu
Auto model control, warnings
• Singularity warning
• Member length
• Surface division of the hollow structural members

CAD links (Tekla Structures and Advance Steel)
• Connection manager
• Model update
FEA links (SAP 2000, Robot, STAAD.Pro etc.)
• Connection manager
• Model update

Plastic redistribution in the welds as a default method for the weld stress evaluation
Export of the report directly to .doc and .pdf
AISC and CISC code requirement updates
AISC formulas in results
• New model for the shear lug
• Assessment of the welds and concrete in bearing
• New model for the anchors with stand-off
Stub manufacturing operation
Default mesh settings for hollow section (CHS and RHS)
Social share button
Framework for trial and educational version
• Trial version
• Educational version

IDEA StatiCa Detail
 - Serviceability limit state (SLS) checks
      • Stress limitation
      • Crack width
      • Deflection
 - Reinforcement in more members
 - Mandrels in reinforcement
 - Bill of Material - 2D DXF export
 - Report
      • drag&drop
      • custom report chapters
 - DXF import improvements
 - BIM workflows: Link with IDEA StatiCa Beam
      • Construction Stages
      • Composite cross sections
 - Miscellaneous
      • Framework for trial and educational version

IDEA StatiCa RCS and Beam
 - Lateral instability for slender beams
 - Elastic modulus input in construction stages
 - Midas Civil BIM link improvement
      • Save settings
      • Correct data check

IDEA StatiCa release 8.2

IDEA Connection
 - fixed singularity in welds
 - fixed crash of manufacturing operation Weld on old data.
 - Import/Export commands are not available anymore in IDEA CSS plugin launched from IDEA Connection.
 - fixed import of general cross-section.
 - fixed bolts in manufacturing operation Cleat.
 - fixed manufacturing operation Cut by surface.
 - fixed geometry of internal stiffener.

 - fixed material of staged cross-sections imported from MIDAS.

IDEA Tendon
 - fixed crash of losses calculation of pre-tensioned tendon  defined by incorrect geometry.
 - fixed check of geometry of pre-tensioned tendon with bends

IDEA Detail
 - fixed drawing of concrete stress sigma1 and sigma2
 - fixed calculation of concrete stress ratio sigma / sigma lim

IDEA Concrete
 - correction of calculation  fctm,fl acc. EN 1992-1-1 article 3.1.8 Flexural tensile strength

IDEA Connection
 - fixed formula for calculation of shear in anchors
 - fixed formula for calculation of shear capacity FvRd
 - fixed length unit of mesh size
 - fixed calculation of FbRd – added influence of bolts position perpendicular to shear direction
 - implemented bending check of shifted anchors
 - fixed shear resultant of bolts for more shear planes
 - fixed dimensioning of anchors and concrete block
 - fixed geometry of chamfered stiffener in Shifted end plate manufacturing operation.
 - fixed import of geometry from Melody
 - fixed position of coordinate system of anchoring when connecting more plates.
 - fixed crash when changing connector grid or exploding anchors grid.
 - fixed import from AS - invalid positions of bolts on L profiles
 - fixed import from AS - invalid positions of bolts of imported cleats
 - fixed import from AS - double welds are not always imported
 - fixed- crash when cutting circular plate
 - fixed wrong default material for welds in American code (always E60xx)

IDEA Detail
 - fixed nonlinear line supports

 - fixed import of cross-sections from MIDAS -

IDEA Prestressing
 - fixed losses by elastic strain of pre-tensioned tendons in case, when no tendon starts from the beam beginning .

IDEA Connection
 – fixed shear are of bolts acc. to CISC
 - fixed local coordinate system of concrete block
 - increased number of steps to determine the divergence
 - fixed crash in anchoring acc. to CISC
 - fixed TearOutResistances acc. to CISC
 - fixed report of anchoring results acc. to EN
 - fixed crash when activating/deactivating operations containing welds
 - fixed not allowed characters in report
 - fixed units for plate thickness
 - fixed crash of import to general cross-section

IDEA Detail
 - Fixed removing of results  of former data in projects containing more details
 - Fixed crash after change of stirrup anchoring type
 - Fixed exceed scale in results presentation
 - New reinforcement from DXF is now applied as group of bars instead of single bars
 - Fixed model generation for bridge sections with different wall thickness imported from DXF
 - Fixed drawing of load values at reactions presentation
 - Fixed default anchoring type of reinforcement according to Settings
 - Description of extreme and selected results in main and detail window
 - Fixed transfer of effect between wall and bearing plate
 - Fixed calculation of limit force in reinforcement (for hanging)
 - Possibility to display dependent values for selected extreme, including drawing

IDEA Concrete
 - Unified torsional moment notation in RCS
 - Utilization of concrete, reinforcement and prestressing reinforcement is presented separately in stress limitation check for concrete beam design
 - Concrete column check acc. to EN – modified calculation of effective creep coefficient acc.to 5.8.4, formula (5.19). M0Eqp / M0Ed ratio is always taken as 1. Currently there is no possibility to define long-term part of specified load effects. For the time being whole bending moment is applied in (5.19) as quasi-permanent. This solution is on safe side.

 - import RFEM – only newer versions are supported (from RFEM 5.06). Older versions are not supported anymore
 - link RFEM/RSTAB – fixed missing cross-sectional characteristics
 - link RFEM/RSTAB – fixed link installation (integrated to all versions found on PC)
 - fixed crash when evaluating Summary check after change of cross-section

IDEA Connection
 - CISC weld materials
 - Fixed type of cross-section defined by topology
 - Fixed AISC weld material definition
 - Fixed application of template
 - Optimized report – picture size and orientation, page breaks
 - Fixed drawing of edge indexes of general weld
 - Default plate size modified for imperial units
 - Disabled input of intermittent butt weld.
 - Fix of bolted backing plate
 - Fix of templates.
 - Fixed welds of internal stiffener
 - Fixed material diagram of weld
 - Fixed output of butt welds
 - Fixed subsoil direction of general anchoring
 - SIA concrete enabled for concrete block
 - Fixed orientation of shear iron
 - Fixed concrete resistance formula of concrete block

BIM links
 - STAAD.Pro link – rotation of structure if vertical direction of structure is in Y-axis direction
 - SAP2000 link – fixed transformation of internal forces
 - RStab, RFem link – implemented update of export to connections
 - SCIA Engineer link – more types of cross-sections recognized in export to Connections
 - RFEM/RSTAB link – fixed import of user defined coordinate system
 - Advance design link – fixed import of combination in combination
 - Advance design link – fixed import of parametric cross-section

IDEA Detail
 - Fixed drawing of stresses in reinforcement design
 - Fixed verification of hanging position
 - Fixed verification of minimal length of inclined bar
 - Fixed language in progress bar
 - New input of reinforcement on edge

IDEA Concrete
 - Fixed coefficients of resulting combinations in bridge load rating calculation
 - Fixed input of links distance in IDEA RCS
 - New check of lateral stability
 - Calculation of time of prestressing stage from modulus of elasticity of concrete
 - Fixed calculation of side concrete cover on edge
 - Fixed material properties of  B550A and B550B
 - Changed  default coefficient of stirrup anchorage

IDEA Tendon
 - Fixed loses calculation of tendon on arc segments

IDEA StatiCa release 8.2

8.2.17 - new release 8.2

IDEA StatiCa Connection
Design codes
- CISC - general improvements of all checks
- AISC - implemenation of anchoring checks

Manufacturing operations
- Anchoring - general solution
- Stiffeners - inner stiffeners, cover plates
- Splice plates and backing  plates
- Miter cut

- welding of RHS profiles roundings
- partial weld
- intermittent weld

- sloted holes
- user-defined bolds in MPRL

- edge-edge contact
- edge–surface contact

New Report
- new style and GUI
- custom text fields and pictures
- check formulas

FEA Links
- update of existing IDEA StatiCa project
- copying of the load effects between IDEA Statica projects

CAD links improvements
- rounding of plates
- cut of tube
- bended plates

IDEA StatiCa Detail
IDEA StatiCa introduces a novel way to design and check concrete details and walls. With it, engineers can break
the limits of standard design tools to save time and optimize the material usage. Clear pass/fail checks according
to the code are available in minutes, as well as complete output reports.
IDEA StatiCa Detail deals efficiently with all parts of structure also known as discontinuity regions such as walls,
dapped ends, openings, hangings, brackets, and areas above supports. It provides precise checks of concrete
and reinforcement strength, stresses and strains. These results are clearly visualized for better understanding
of details of structures.
IDEA StatiCa release 8.1

Application history


IDEA Connection
- improved welds import from TS and AS


IDEA Connection
 - fixed formulas for non-stressed concrete
 - fixed factor psiN for base plate check
 - removed filter to change sort order in welds check table
 - implemented check of doubled welds
 - fixed critical coefficient for stability in summary table
 - fixed text in formula for Fsrd
 - rod presented in results
 - fixed results drawing in AISC report
 - fixed special characters (&amp;,<,> etc.) in item names when generating report
 - fixed association between internal forces and connection items in case of item deactivation
 - fixed drawing of bolt holes in plate editor
 - improved weld presentation for notch In tube (gusset)
 - fixed crash in selection in 3D scene
 - fixed tolerance of plates inclination welded by peripheral weld

IDEA Concrete
 - changed default setting of checked stages in pre-stressed beam wizard
 - fixed generation of combinations for stages
 - fixed calculation of coefficient C at limit slenderness calculation acc. EN 1992-1-1 (5.13N)

8.1.14 - new release 8.1

News in IDEA StatiCa Connection:
- implementation of CISC code. Implemented checks:
 - bolts
 - preloaded bolts
 - welds
 - plates

Improvements in IDEA StatiCa Connection:
- Input of two load cases(plus/minus) in the case of Member Capacity Analysis
- Design settings window is always displayed in Check view


IDEA Concrete
 - fixed opening and closing of binary data file in RCS
 - fixed crash at first launch of RCS
 - fixed input of reinforcement on all edges of opening of general cross-section
 - disabled recalculation of check results in reinforcement editor for tapered sections
 - fFixed refresh of drawing of reinforced sections after changes

IDEA Connection
 - fixed bolt hole diameter in database
 - fixed drawing of beam axes
 - warnings in report (buckling analysis, welds)
 - fixed error in results redraw in 3D scene after change of load case
 - fixed error after change of material in wizard
 - added support for Advance Steel 2018 and Tekla 2017


 - fixed storing data to .ideaRcs  file format
 - fixed calculation of limit slenderness for concrete check according to Ec
 - fixed storing of default parameters of reinforcement template of beam-slab

 - fixed finishing of wizard from RSTAB to IDEA Connection

IDEA Connection
 - fix of buckling analysis


IDEA Connection
 - fixed welds length for AISC
 - fixed check of bolts position
 - added nonconformity for bolt position
 - added check of fy, fu before FEM analysis
 - fixed safety factors for AISC
 - fixed coefficient K1 for shear check of bolt for EN
 - fixed mesh for welded cross-sections
 - fixed termination of analysis
 - fixed boundary condition for rods
 - fixed crash of general cross-section of two RHS
 - fixed crash after Undo after input of new member
 - import from AxisVM – set default material for steel
 - import from AS, Tekla – fixed import of rod
 – fixed too small chamfer of stiffener
 - new imported cross-section -  type PL (plate)
 - modified import from z AS  (not import bolt grid when number of connected plates is less than 2)

IDEA Tendon
 - fixed losses analysis – tendon beginning and end is inside of design member
 - fixed multi edit of pre-stressed tendons for DIN national annex

 - RSTAB import – fixed Poison coefficient
 - RSTAB - import – fixed crash
 - fixed wizard parameters for import of beam from Autodesk Robot

IDEA Concrete
 - fixed switch of results evaluation mode – extreme, section
 - fixed input of deflection limit value
 - fixed import of circular sections RD and RND from SCIA Engineer
 - fixed generation of equivalent cross-section for torsion analysis on haunches


IDEA Connection
- fixed orientation of centre line of thin walled cold formed general cross-section.
- operation Shifted end plate – fixed data in plate editor after applying the template.

- fixed interpolation of imported general cross-sections.

Tendon Design
 - warning when unexpected support of composite structures appears

8.0.12 - New Release 8

News in IDEA Concrete

 - Combinations in combinations

 - User defined load groups

 - Draped strands

 - Implementation of new NEN annex

 - Linear stresses along the beam length

Improvements in IDEA Concrete

 - Load cases assigned to different load group in combination.

 - Imported load cases from moving loads merged into one LC

 - RCS project saving as binary file

 - Export of bill of material into XLS

 - Limited interaction check also in RCS

FEA Links

 - Export of beams from Advance Design into IDEA Beam

News in IDEA Steel

 - New analysis tpyes in IDEA Connection

  - Member Capacity Design

  - Joint Design Resistance

 - Several manufacturing operations were added or improved

  - Rod (tension)

  - General cleat

  - General fin

 - Formulas were added into result tables

- Customization

 - New startup wizard to determine code and units

 - Improved usage of imperial units

 - Plate thickness and weld thickness in inches

Improvements IDEA Steel

 - New tool for activating BIM links – directly from the starting application of IDEA StatiCa

 - Position of loads in the connection – Node/ Bolts/ Position

 - Default items for templates - material, bolt, cleat

 - Inner stiffener in CHS and RHS

NEW BIM links with FEA (CAE) programs

 - Staad.PRO (Bentley)

 - SCIA Engineer (SCIA Nemetschek)

 - RSTAB (Dlubal)

 - Revit (Autodesk)

 - AxisVM a RFEM – link now runs via a direct wizard

BIM links with CAD programs

 - Link Tekla Structures – conversion table for recognizing of cross-sections and bolts

 - Link Advance Steel - conversion table for recognizing of cross-sections and bolts

 - Import cross-sections from Advance Steel



- fixed import of cross-section from Midas

- fixed import of national code from Tekla

- fixed import of combinations from Midas

- fixed crash in BLR calculation

IDEA Connection

- fixed orientation of base plate

- fixed punching calculation

- fixed bolts in gusset plate for more plates.

- fixed doubled connection plate for small tubes.

- fixed welds for gusset plate, when user modified geometry of gusset plate.

- fixed weld of shifted end plate.

- added support for SAP2000 v19

IDEA Concrete

- fixed crash of reinforced cross-section import from NAV file containing only reinforcement data

- fixed overwriting of Y-direction at links in Reinforcement editor

- fixed change of shape of opened stirrup when changing Torsion check property

- fixed dimensioning of bars in one row defined by distance

- fixed brittle failure check – memory consumptio

- fixed drawing of interaction diagram check


IDEA Connection

 - fixed negative value of mortar joint

 - fixed evaluation of shear iron

 - fixed plastic weld utilisation of plastic

IDEA Concrete

 - fixed generation of BLR combinations for result classes containing combinations in combinations

 - fixed crash of BLR combinations for result classes containing only combinations in combinations


- fixed crash of load import in direct link from RFEM

- fixed launch of BLR analysis



 - fixed setting of current load group when launching Load groups manager for BLR

 - fixed mismatched axes for buckling lengths taken from solver

 - fixed synchronisation of load cases for BLR

 - fixed export to RCS - tendons

IDEA Concrete

 - fixed drawing of tensioned area for crack width presentation

IDEA Connection

 - disabled possibility to import general cross-section from DXF, when GCSS is launched from IDEA Connection

 - fixed geometry of shifted end plate for general cross-section

 - disabled possibility of negative offset of concrete block of footing

 - modified cut of beam by plate

 - bolts of 5.6 class added to do MPRL database

 - Tekla link: fixed crash after change of material or cross-section in project imported from Tekla

IDEA Tendon

 - improved generation of equivalent load for polygonal tendons


 - fixed import of internal forces from RFEM

 - implemented importu from SAP2000 v19

IDEA Steel

 - cold-formed sections - fixed selection of buckling curve of closed cold-formed section


IDEA Connection

 - fixed weld of stiffener exceeding the flanges

 - implemented link to SAP2000 rel. 19

IDEA Frame

- fixed crash in calculation of non-linear deflections

IDEA Concrete

 - fixed drawing of tensioned concrete area  for crack width


 - fixed import of member to beam - taking into account internal supports during import



 - fixed crash when defining polygonal section

 - fixed mesh size for rectangular sections with sides ratio greater than 1:20

IDEA Connection

 - fixed import of polygonal plate from AdvanceSteel – missing last segment

 - fixed plates shape to avoid getting incorrect FEM elements

IDEA Concrete

 - taking into account calculation of limit crack width for aggressive environment classes according to EN 1992-3, Czech national annex

 - fixed drawing of tensioned concrete area for crack width calculation



 - fixed crash when importing only compression/tension members from RFEM

IDEA Connection

 - fixed crash after deleting all manufacturing operations


IDEA Connection

 - fixed crash of dimensioning of incorrectly defined flange widener

 - fixed names of cross-sections imported from Advance Steel

 - fixed weld between tube and plate imported from Advance Steel/Tekla Structures

 - fixed cut of stiffening members imported from Advance Steel/Tekla Structures

 - new ribbon command for 2016i to display export log


 - fixed crash when generating data for 2D members check

IDEA Concrete

 - modified calculation of second order moments of biaxial symmetrical columns (including slenderness) – only to direction of first order moment

 - increased speed of deflections analysis


 - fixed drawing of load history for deflection analysis of beams calculated using standard (not TDA) analysis

 - modified editing of load groups for bridge load rating calculation using Load groups manager (including multiple items editing)

IDEA Frame

- fixed input of permanent load application for pre-stressed members

IDEA Tedon

- fixed calculation of final tendon geometry defined as polygon on polygonal reference geometry


IDEA Connection

 - fixed crash when modifying unknown material imported from Tekla Structurals

 - fixed validation of bolt holes on plate

 - fixed bolted double side cleat to web of beam

 - fixed drawing of weld in bill of material


 - fixed check of proper combination (mostly for combination in combination) for check of staged concrete sections or pre-stressed sections


 - fixed calculation of deflections on pre-stressed beam

 - fixed drawing of load history graph for deflection analysis of beams without TDA analysis

IDEA Concrete

 - fixed change of current material when modifying properties of prestressing steel

 - fixed drawing of cracked section for more combinations for water-resistant structures

 - fixed crash of import of slab without defined edges using XML

 - disabled input of general cross-section for deep beam – only rectangle and trapezoidal sheet are allowed

IDEA Frame

 - fixed input of time of application for pre-stressed beams without tendons



 - fixed import of user defined internal forces, if no member is defined

 - fixed import of user defined internal forces from XML, if only integration strips were exported to xml

IDEA Connection

- modified stiffness of contact element

- modified report - bolts table - added bolt name column, added name of cross-section to plate name in pictures titles

- integration with Tekla Structures 2016i


New release 7.1

IDEA StatiCa Steel

New features

- “Traffic lights visualization” of checks

- Preloaded bolts

- Interaction of shear and tension in bolt

- New analysis model of welds with plastic behavior

- Seismic details – notches and “dog bone” detail

- Report – Current item / All items / Selected items

- BIM link with AxisVM and RFEM by wizard


- Rotational capacity of the connection

- Truss connection – correction of „incorrect“ geometry

- Checks of bolts tables (Bolts, Anchors, Preloaded bolts)

- New cross-section types

- Import of stiffening plates from DXF

- Start of buckling analysis by “one click”

IDEA StatiCa Concrete and Prestressing

New features

- BIM links - easy and comfortable import of structural models using Wizard from Robot, AxisVM

- Non-linear deflections – effect of shrinkage

- Non-linear deflections of prestressed beams

- Long-term losses in Tendon designer


- Faster loading of cross-section from BIM to RCS application

- XLS export of stress-strain results for Stress limitation and Crack width checks



- fixed drawing of internal forces for load cases assigned to not defined load group

IDEA Concrete

- fixed input of extremes using the tables editor for 2D members


IDEA Connection

 - fixed bolts editing in plate editor for some types of plates

 - fixed presentation of connection centre point

 - fixed drawing of load diagram

 - welded T-section – fixed property dialog

 - delta section – fixed geometry of centre line, fixed generated welds

 - Tekla link – fixed crash when material does not exist

 - Import Tekla – fixed searching of bolt grade according to name in Tekla

 - Stiffener – modified welds (shortening of overlap for tubes)

 - Gusset plate – fixed notch in tube

 - fixed bolt grid on cleat

 - fixed integration to Tekla


- fixed load groups import from AxisVM

- fixed import of loads on groups of members from RFEM

IDEA Tendon

- fixed generation of default user relaxation table of prestressing reinforcement



 - fixed loading of project containing calculated bridge load rating

 - fixed crash of import from SCIA Engineer for combinations without assigned load cases

 - fixed LCS in import from SCIA Engineer

IDEA Connection

 - fixed alfab in bearing check for more plates in connection

 - fixed evaluation of anchors

 - fixed transformation of forces when creating connection in IDEA BIM



 - fixed update internal forces after change in Load Group Manager

 - fixed import of combination coefficient for variable load cases

 - fixed bending moment Mz conversion when importing from Midas Civil

IDEA Connection

 - new type of member connection to an existing gusset plate

 - fixed orientation of normal forces for continuous member

 - fixed visualization of extreme value in the design of a connection

 - fixed update results in switching items


 - fixed user reinforcement template

 - fixed generation combination for construction stages

IDEA Concrete

 - presentation of implemented codes and national annexes

 - CZ national annex update

 - additions and changes to NEN national annex - OVS00030-6

 - minimal eccentricity according to 6.1.4 in capacity N-M-M check

 - adjustment of the position (imperfections and the effect of second order) of the resultant force acting on the compression member with respect to its slenderness in different directions

 - modified evaluation of interaction

 - fixed calculation of brittle failure - location of tensioned reinforcement



 - fixed drawing of composite cross-section


 - fixed forces imported from MIDAS

 - implemented new COM interface of Avm13 r3b

 - fixed internal forces in cross-section components in RCS check for project imported from MIDAS

IDEA Connection

 - fixed extreme for check of concrete block

IDEA Tendon

 - fixed time axis when launching as plugin from AxisVM

 - fixed drawing of relaxation graph for pre-stressed tendons (material)



 - fixed results deleting after input of general cross-section

 - fixed presentation of properties of reinforcement layer defined by list

 - fixed presentation of tension area in crack width check for cross-section with arc edges

 - fixed refresh of results window after change of extreme evaluation mode

IDEA Tendon

 - fixed crash in relaxation tables editor

 - fixed crash after change of tendon defined by DXF

IDEA Designer

 - fixed reimport (MIDAS Civil, GEN,...) – lost changes in project data

 - fixed conversion of steel sections from SAP2000 a Robot Structural Analysis

 - fixed properties of FLA and FLB sections

IDEA Connection

 - fixed equilibrium of internal forces in joint imported from SAP2000

 - fixed import of parametrical non-symmetrical rectangular hollow sections

 - warning in case of cut of arc segment of plate edge

 - stub – numbering of plates


IDEA Designer

 - fixed internal forces imported from MIDAS Civil on phased cross-section respecting the change of stiffness due to tendons


 - fixed crash of columns check - nominal stiffnesses method

IDEA Connection

 - fixed import of materials from AdvanceSteel 2017


IDEA Tendon

 - fixed crash when displaying short-term losses

IDEA Connection

 - fixed import of connection from 2D project from Robot

 - fixed bolts editing in plate editor

IDEA Designer

 - fixed import of tendon duct from MIDAS

 - support of AxisVM 13r3


IDEA Designer

 - fixed import of cross-section phases when importing from Midas

 - fixed eccentricity and cross-section attributes when importing from Midas

 - fixed import of T-shaped cross-section when importing from Midas

 - deleting check results after deleting result class in Result classes manager


 - taking into account kx coefficient

 - fixed type of prestressing detection (pre-, post-) when launching from IDEA Beam

 - fixed minimum eccentricity acc. to EN 1992-1-1 chapt. 6.1. (4). Minimum eccentricity is considered in the direction of resultant of bending moments.

IDEA Connection

 - improved table of stiffness

 - fixed redrawing of 3D scene after change of LC

 - link to Advance Steel 2017


 - enabled button to save project after reinforcement modification using Reinforcement editor

 - fixed  stiffness interpolation between the uncracked and fully cracked conditions


News in release 7

IDEA Connection


 - Stiffness and deformation capacity

 - Base plates, anchors

 - Stiffening members

 - General contacts between plates

 - SAP2000 – new FEA link


 - Model of welds

 - Tekla/ Advance steel links

 - Report – one line content

 - Dxf pictures

 - Loads – export to Excel

 - Simplifications – setups, ribbons, report



 - Bridge Load Rating

 - In-plane restraint of out-of-plane flexure


- generator of bridge combinations in BIM

- link to SAP 2000


- liquid retaining and containment structures - improvements

- possibility to check one extreme of the section only

- simplified UI of RCS

IDEA Tendon

- relaxation tables


IDEA Connection

 - setting of AISC code when starting Connections from Robot

 - fixed shear check of anchors for more load cases

IDEA Designer

 - fixed import from SEN of members without geometry definition when importing part of structure


 - fixed system lengths for different number of members


IDEA Tendon

- prestressing materials – user defined change of ro1000 caused change of relaxation class

- unified editing in concrete plugin for zones and sections


- detailed check of concrete 2D – no message was displayed if data was not generated

- fixed list of checked combinations for crack

- value of kt printed in output, when je sr, max is calculated according to 7.14


- fixed dimensioning of concrete sections consisting of more components (general cross-sections)

- enabled to delete combinations for construction stages

IDEA Connection

- stub, plate thickness in m

- crash if cross-section of shear iron is missing in model

- Tekla link - import of materials, bolts (search EC steel in MPRL)

- fixed crash after applying a template

- bolt cannot be applied if connected plates are not parallel enough (modified limit value of parallelism check)

- Tekla link – implemented import of weld of AROUND type

- Tekla link – angle profile – fixed position of imported L profile, bolts position

- AS link – bolts and welds

- fixed import of eccentricity from IDEA BIM to IDEA Connection


- fixed message when importing moving loads from Midas Civil



 - fix of limit crack width in case when cracks do not appear

IDEA Connection

 - operation Cut plate by plate, type notch - fixed geometrical tolerance.

 - operation Cleat - fixed bolts position in case of two cleats.

 - fixes possible crash of parsing of bolts position.

 - fixed anchors position in FEM analysis

 - fixed crash after change of shear iron position


 - fix of imperial units

 - fix for Latvian regional settings


- support of new version of MIDAS Civil



- implemented influence of minimal eccentricity  according to 6.1 (4)

- implemented FIX 2, EN 1992-1-1

IDEA Connection

- fixed cut of beam and cut of plate by beam

- fixed weld evaluation on notch of hollow section

- fixed conversion of Mz from Robot


- fixed generation of critical load patterns on continuous beams

- automatic change of names of generated construction stages after change of language

IDEA Designer

- fixed internal forces after import from Midas Civil

- fixed calculation of internal forces for combinations in combinations from Midas


IDEA Concrete

- fixed drawing of concrete graph for bilinear diagram

- changed default time interval of automatic save to 10 min

- fixed drawing of tensioned are in crack for cross-section of more components

- fixed internal forces with influence of shear force caused by point load

- fixed check of shear interaction check

IDEA Connection

- CAD links improvements

- improved stability when working with bigger projects

- report improvements

- fixed shifted end plate for cross-sections of more components

- fixed cleat manufacturing operation

- fixed geometry of general cross-section containing circular tube

- fixed input of gusset plate

- fixed operation cut by beam - surface


IDEA Connection

- fixed influence of coefficient betap on EN1993-1-8 art. 3.6.1 (12)

- fixed material of bolts for AISC

- fixed cut of plate by beam

- fixed circular base plate

- fixed launchin of IDEA Connection from AdvanceSteel

IDEA Concrete

- fixed calculation of interaction for cross-sections with bent-up bars


IDEA Concrete

 - update of DIN National Annex


 - fixed TDA calculation launched from IDEA Tendon

IDEA Connection

 - fixed rotation of stiffeners on rotated column

 - Tekla - import of welded profiles Iw, Iwn, BoxFl - sym/nesym


IDEA Connection

 - Tekla - import of welded sections I, Box FL

 - Tekla - fixed import of weld type and thickness

 - Tekla - fixed import of bolt grade and diameter

IDEA Concrete

 - fixed input of frequent combination for slabs - Dutch NAD - extremes were not generated


 - fixed calculation of reduced strand area and internal forces in transmission lenght



 - Correction of interpolation of stresses in transmission length of pre-tensioned strands, which affected calculation of primary effects. The correction had minor impact to the results of sectional checks. - Oprava interpolace napìtí v pøenášecí délce pøedem pøedpínací výztuže, které ovlivnilo výpoèet primárních úèinkù. Korekca mìla malý dopad na výsledky posudku.

 - Correction of calculation of prestressing force in case that pre-tensioned strands were de-bonded in the haunch.  - Korekce výpoètu pøedpínací síly v pøípadì, že pøedem pøedpínací výztuž byla separována na nábìhu.

 - Correction of the check of decompression condition according to ÈSN EN 1992-2/Z2, Tab NA.1. The check was performed for quasi-permanent combination only. The correction consisted in adding the check for frequent combination.


IDEA Connection

 - implemented possibility to turn off check of tension and shear interaction for bolts check

 - improved cuts of members – all types of cross-section can be cut

 - user data of library elements can be stored

 - general work plane presentation

 - plate editor modifications

 - modified integration of shear under base plate

 - fixed Tekla link - for version Tekla 21.0

 - improved Tekla link - code EN / US

 - improved AS link - new command "CONCHECKAISC" - export for US code

IDEA Concrete

 - speeding of check for many bars in one layer

 - fixed input of one layer with one bar - single bar

 - fixed input of reinforcement cover – verification of input values for template input

 - fixed user material of cross-section in IDEA Column

 - fixed drawing of loads for combination in IDEA Column – exclusive loads are not added up


 - fixed crash after deleting the construction stage

 - user defined internal forces – fixed input after switching from single magnitude to more magnitudes

 - link properties are displayed in the picture of 2D reinforced section


 - improved XML import from Scia Engineer – also project and author information are imported


IDEA Connection

 - implemented safety factor for fy of material


 - fixed input of internal forces for Frequent SLS combination for 2D sections


 - fixed recalculation of creep coefficient according to SIA to reflect aging for TDA calculation

IDEA Steel

- general cross-section - fixed synchronisation of material between GCSS and superior application

- fixed crashes of parametric I, L, U sections

- fixed Mcr calculation for moments on boundary between two LTB fields - both fields are calculated, worse is taken


IDEA Connection

- import Tekla - import of tubes from database

- import AdvanceSteel - import of member eccentricty specified in AS

- fixed evaluation of weld check on stub from hollow section

- fixed thickness of weld in AISC weld presentation


- missing dimension line of column length in report

- code and calculation setup implemented into actions after reinforcement changes

- setup of material of nonuniform reinforcement when loading older projects



- fixed portion of modulus of elasticity alfae for calculation of cracks with effective modulus of elasticity

- input of reinforcement on edge including the cover not changing after stirrup definition

- user data of shear and torsion available for haunches

IDEA Connection

- fixed ASTM steel

IDEA Tendon

- fixed conversion of older data (check positions)



- fixed calculation of self-weight on haunch for TDA

- modified boundary conditions of torsional moment for deflection calculation


- change of material of prestressing reinforcement in Reinforcement editor

- change of concrete material of cross-section defined in GCSS

IDEA Connection

- supported cross-sections parametric rectangle, parametric I-profile



- storing of check results

- implemented MPRL database of materials, possibility to store user defined materials

- possibility to use user defined materials in other projects


- Reinforcement editor can be launched in Concrete 1D plugin


IDEA Connection

 - Tekla link improvements



 - input of bend-ups in one-way slabs

IDEA Connection

 - fixed newly created welds in Opening operation

 - fixed not available editation of bolts modified in plate editor

 - fixed connection by L-profile in C-profile

 - fixed Fin plate for 2 x U-profile

 - fixed crash of report generation for project with more bolts of the same name


- fixed drawing refresh after change of point load after analysis



- fixed calculation of vestigial resistance

- results table of bent-up bars design

- implemented calculation of capacity of compression strut (Vrdmax) for combination stirrups and bent-up bars

IDEA Connection

- fixed crash when opening older projects


- fixed editation of loads after analysis



- reinforcement editor - fixed selection of points when defining stirrup from cross-section points

- reinforcement editor – bar layer details and stirrup vertices details can be edited on separate tab

- fixed bug when modifying tendon properties

- implemented minimal diameter of mandrel by national code when defining stirrup using cross-section vertices

- reinforcement editor - general stirrup – implemented origin of coordinate system for vertices definition

- concrete age less than 3 days – was not taken into account for simple beams (without local history)

- fixed user settings for shear and torsion on tapered beams

- fixed modification of bars number in circular column

- fixed calculation of minimal number of bars on edge after change of egde number

- added separate imports of longitudinal reinforcement and stirrups in reinforcement editor

- modification - new reinforcement layer - parameters are taken from current layer


- fixed bug when switching pre/post tendon type



- implemented interface for Autodesk Robot

IDEA Connection

- link to Tekla Structures

- link to Advance Steel

- implemented national codes AISC ASD and LRFD

- implemented gallery of pictures

- drawing of welds in 3D view

- import of load effects from MS Excel table

- modified bolts database


- implemented  Reinforcement editor

- position of section respected for calculation of damage equivalent stress


- modified wizard of input of new beam

- implemented post-tensioning in more production stages

- new user defined production stages for cast-in-situ beams



- fixed coeffient of load groups for import from AxisVM

IDEA Connection

- fixed weld on narrow tube for FEM calculation


- fixed not editable support width for calculation of internal forces reduction



- fixed import of load groups from AxisVM for SIA code

- fixed LCS on vertical members imported from AxisVM

- fixed names of cross-sections in export to AxisVM

- fixed import of results from AxisVM for load cases with prestressing

- fixed import from Scia Engineer - profiles with welded haunches

IDEA Tendon

- fixed selection of tendon in drawing

- fixed crash when defining design member

- fixed memory consumption when importing internal forces from AxisVM

IDEA Connection

- fixed orientation in welds check


- check of interaction of shear, torsion and bending is not performed, if shear and torsion is zero

- fixed import from Scia Engineer - repeated paragraphs of results for combinations - type of combination assigned not correctly

- fixed presentation of model of reinforced cross-section in report



 - fixed design of reinforcement in one-way slab

 - fixed detailing check for debonding tubes

 - fixed generation of section of interaction diagram

 - fixed calculation of minimal distance between longitudinal reinforcement at editing


- fixed generation of combinations for stages of pre-tensioned beams

- fixed conversion of old beam data



- fixed drawing of section of interaction surface N-Mres


- fixed generation of beam model for time nodel older than 150 years



- fixed position of joint of composite cross-sections


- fixed units for limit crack width, relative humidity and buckling coefficients

- disabled properties of redistribution and reduction calculation for columns

- fixed memory leaks of report of deflections calculation


- improved ribbon for drawing of concrete check results

- fixed import from RFEM – cross-sections of haunches


- fixed import of tendon from NAV text file (shortening of tendon)

- fixed conversion of old project data

IDEA Connection

- fixed mesh on closed cross-sections

- fixed evaluation of concrete cone breakout

- flange around hole included into the analysis

- fixed friction shear resistance of base plate


IDEA Frame

- fixed calculation progress bar

IDEA Connection

- fixed 3D presentation of anchors


- fixed editation of material of general cross-section


- improvement of progress-bar in IDEA Statica

- calculation of envelope combination for bridge structure


- missing combinations in construction stage are automatically created and assigned to point of global time axis after its regeneration

IDEA Connection

- fixed load groups of SIA in Avm import

- fixed welds in connection analysis model

- fixed steel material in Avm import

- improved mesh generator in connections

- fixed crash in build of material in connections

- fixed load data in connection

- fixed units in steel check

- fixed plate editor

- fixed crash for dimensioning stiffeners



- implemented error messages into the reinforcement design

- fixed zero area of shear reinforcement in reinforcement design

- fixed dialog of user defined values for 2D slab

- fixed presentation of shear area for user defined values of d and z

- fixed TDA calculation and generation of combinations for continuous beams with post-tensioned tendons in more construction stages

- input of bars along all edges – fixed taking into account the defined value of cover

- size of windows with list of members and reinforced cross-section can be changed

- torsion – Equivalent thin-walled section for torsion - check minimum distance of bars from cross-section edges

IDEA Connection

- fixed bolts on mirrored angle section

- fixed welds generation on notches

- fixed welds generation on thin-walled cross-sections

- fixed crash of widener input

- implemented some British steel rolled cross-sections



- shear links - fixed input dialog

- fixed test of bar insides the cross-section (old projects)

- fixed evaluation of shear check

- internal forces were not updated in Info window after setup change

IDEA Connection

- fixed definition of bearing member

- fixed limit to stop the stiffness analysis

- fixed weld edge to edge

- fixed operations on thin-walled cross-sections

IDEA Designer

- added Slovak materials

- fixed update of tapered sections



- implemented possibility not to exclude tendons, which are positioned out of the cross-section geometry (also in holes), from calculation model of reinforced cross-section.

- fixed reinforcement design for dutch NA


- improved import of user defined internal forces from SCIA Engineer - empty tables of load cases and combinations are checked

- fixed reinforcement template for slab on trapezoidal sheet


- fixed check of concrete at age of 3 days

- optimised storing of large projects


IDEA Connection

- fixed checked region for plates edited in plate editor

- fixed concrete cone breakout check


- fixed crash of 1D design member definition

IDEA Tendon

- fixed loss of former valid design member, when an invalid design member was created by modifying the existing one

- limited width of table for too long list of members in design member

- improved speed of equivalent load calculation for more tendons in one design member


- fix crash of multiedit of tendons

- fix opening some old data


New Release 6

- implemented unit settings in all IDEA applications


- implemented new layout of navigator

- implemented user settings for reinforced cross-sections

- implemented optimisation of angle theta

- implemented alternative methods for crack width check for large concrete covers (acc. to French, German annexes)

- implemented new cross-sections - slabs on trapezoidal sheet

- new reinforcement templates for one-way slab

- implemented design of necessary reinforcement

- implemented calculation of crack width for one-way and two-way slabs of liquid retaining and containment structures

- improved M-N-kappa diagrams

IDEA Tendon

- implemented operations on multiple tendons


- import of selected part of structure from AxisVM

IDEA Connection

  User interface

- highlighting and tooltips in 3D model view

- dimension lines of active operation in 3D model view

- 3D view linked with property dialog of operations

- LCS of members, edge numbers can be displayed


- simplified input of load (no balancing required)

- implemented copying of load position


- new tool for welds definition

- graphical presentation of forces in welds, new averaging and interpolation

- butt weld as a new type

- general weld between edges of two plates


- bolt can be checked also on full shear area (not only in thread)

- The real diameter of hole is taken into account in analysis model


- general intersections of circular hollow sections (CHS, tubes)

- circular end or base plate, stub

- radial topology of bolts (anchors)

- circular stiffener

- ribs - radial topology for CHS

- doubled plates (gusset or tongue)

- rotating of tongue around member axis

- opening can be partially out of the plate

- all plates added by operation can be edited in Plate editor

- anchoring into vertical wall

  General cross-section

- implemented link between IDEA CSS and IDEA Connection

- any welded cross-section composed from hot-rolled sections and plates can be used

Stiffness analysis

- new implementation of stiffness analysis for each member in the joint



- fixed drawing of supports

- fixed support of 2D cantilever

IDEA Connection

- fixed weld on the edge of flange

- fixed SIA concrete of concrete block


- fixed borders for selection of member for 2D check


- length of member for calculation of relative deformation is considered as relative too (1/10 of design member length)



- fixed crash of data editor, when AxisVM project does not exist on HDD

- fixed LCS of column imported from AxisVM

- fixed forces exported from IDEA BIM to IDEA Connection

- fixed Design Summary plugin – not working after connections export

IDEA Connection

- fixed cut by plate on stub


- improved speed of reinforcement import from NAV file


IDEA Designer

- implemented user defined internal forces



- fixed change of geometry of multi-component general cross-section containing inverted T-shape component

- fixed update from AxisVM - T-shaped sections created from ribs on slabs


- fixed increments caused by shrinkage into individual times of check



- increased capacity of internal forces on tendons database

- fixed determination of secondary effect of prestressing on structures imported from Midas


- fixed check evaluation, if the initial stress in tendon is higher than fpd



- fixes in export to IDEA Connection for data from AxisVM


- fixed missing files in IDEA TD plugin in AxisVM



- fixed filtering of available beam types according to licence in beam wizard

- fixed singularity in calculation of some 2D beams

- implemented local intensities of reactions

IDEA Connection

- fixed bolted connection to gusset plate

- fixed report generation

- fixed length of welds


- fixed crash of import from Scia Engineer, if required nodes were not in XML file

- import of rounded sections from RFEM

- design groups - rib and beam member types can be assigned to one design group

- fixed import of cross-section stages from Midas

- warning when importing seismic combinations from AxisVM

- fixed internal forces on continuous beams when exporting data to IDEA Connect


- default value of reduction coefficient for bent-up bars set to 1.0

IDEA Frame

- fixed drawing of nodes without grid

- fixed crash in frame input



- fix in import of cross-sections from MIDAS

IDEA Frame

- fixed crash in geometry input


- fixed calculation of concrete cover for cross-sections with holes

- export of interaction diagram to xls - accidental combination added



- fix in import of cross-sections from MIDAS



- evaluation of bearing stress intensity for load cases, in which line supports are applied


- implemented possibility to switch between internal forces related to the centroid of the entire section and internal forces related to the centroid of current section when launching IDEA RCS from IDEA Beam

- implemented calculation of lambda_0 acc. to  EN 1992-2, annex NN 3.2.

- partial factors lambda_c and  lambda_s are printed

IDEA Connection

- new operation General weld

- analysis and evaluation  of local buckling of joint

- storing data including results



- fixed import from MIDASu



- fixed mesh generation on 1D beam



- fixed result from user defined internal forces



- fix of drawing of deformation and rotation of line support

- fixed table of results of shear stress in joint

- fixed update of model after changes of reinforcement in RCS launched from IDEA Beam

- fixed calculation of shear in joint - wrong reinforced section might be used for calculation. Fixed bug in determination of extreme loads for shear calculation.

- improved check speed when using user defined internal forces



- fix of self-weight in stages for cast-in-situ post-tensioned beam

- fix in calculation of reductions


- support of new version of AxisVM12 R3d



 - implemented continuous prefabricated composite beam. Prefabricated beams of individual spans are made continuous by cast-in-situ diaphragms above internal supports and composite concrete slab.

   Local time axes of individual members in spans, global time axis of the whole beam.

 - implemented eccentricities of loads on members in y- and z- direction of local coordinate system of members.

IDEA Connection

 - user defined logo in report

 - fixed stiffeners on mirrored cross-sections

 - new rolled sections defined by parameters

 - editable parameters of bolts

 - possibility to average stress in welds on the whole beam

 - modified output of check of multi-shear bolts


 - implemented fixes in NA STN - Zmena NA V 03/07, Oprava AC V 05/08, Oprava AC2 V 01/11, Zmena NA/Z1 V 05/13 and changes in SIA 262/2013


- support of new version of AxisVM12 R3c


- fixed input of general cross-section

- fixed reinforcing on tapered beams


- fixed displaying of materials table in IDEA BEAM and IDEA FRAME



- fixed crash of internal forces drawing, if user defined forces were input in project

- fixed incorrect detection of composite cross-section for one-phased section of more components

IDEA Frame

- fixed drawing of member LCS

IDEA Connection

- fixed displaying of results table columns to correspond to the selected national code (EN, ETAG)

- fixed cut of plate by plate - notch on modified plate

- fixed weld of plates of different materials - strength is taken from material with lesser characteristics.

- changed position of bolts on end plate when Rectangle (or Rectangle symmetrical) is set.

  Origin was defined in the centroid of end plate, now is defined to the centroid of cross-section. Note: old projects are not updated!

- No bolts are displayed in Plate editor for shifted end plate.


- support of new version of AxisVM12 R3b


- Import of internal forces on integration strips from Scia Engineer XML file to User defined internal forces

IDEA Concrete

 - small improvements in GUI of bent bars

IDEA Connection

- modified import of internal forces from AxisVM


IDEA Connection

- fixed data recovery after application crash

- finished fix of manufacturing operations on mirrored cross-sections


- fixed displaying of internal forces in Info window for prestressed section


IDEA Connection

- fixed manufacturing operations on mirrored sections after export from AxisVM



- fixed crash of member data edit in sections table

- fixed settings for bent-up bars parameters in old projects

- fixed setup dialog of crack width and decompression


- fixed stress calculation caused by variable loads in combination with dynamics coefficient in IDEA RCS

- fixed copy of reinforced general cross-section - disabled editing in IDEA RCS

- fixed import of rolled cross-sections from AxisVM

- fixed report generation in IDEA Connection


- fixed stress caused by permanent loads for fatigue check


- fixed taking into account dynamic coefficient when calculating concrete stress acc. to NN.113

- fixed stress calculation for fatigue chec, when internal forces for calculation of ultimate limit state are switched off


- fix crash in input of slab reinforcement


IDEA Beam, IDEA Frame

- implemented input of user defined internal forces. Courses of internal forces can be defined manually, copied or imported from XML file.

  User defined internal forces can replace calculated interal forces or can be added to calculated internal forces.

  User-defined internal forces entered in dead load cases do not have an impact to creep of concrete in time-dependent analysis (TDA).


- implemented bent-up bars

- implemented user defined input of concrete compressive strut angle for individual reinforced section

- implemented HTML report

- implemented check of shear in joint acc. to SIA


- implemented import from MIDAS Gen

IDEA Connection

- new manufacturing operations General plate, Cleat, Plate cut, Bolts grid

- connecting plate - input of individual welds

- connecting plate - enabled notched plate


- FEM analysis can run on Windows XP

IDEA Concrete

- fixed calculation of coefficient eta_fc in SIA concrete check - was always taken as 1.0 for concrete C30/37 and higher

- calculation of stirrups area is performed in centroid of cross-section component, which is involved by stirrup


- default chamber in construction stage Casting of composite slab changed from L/500 to zero

- reduction of moment and shear force enabled after TDA calculation

- fixed drawing of loads history when no load case is assigned into last stage

- fixed conversion of old projects containing pre-tensioned tendons

- TDA analysis is performed, if nonlinear creep is requested but the calculation model does not require TDA calculation

IDEA Tendon

- fixed GUI - results on tendon when the tendon geometry is invalid

- fixed loading of damaged projects

- fixed crash when deleting not used materials

IDEA Connection

- fixed effective area of anchors for concrete cone breakout calculation

- fixed LCS of base plate


- fixes in connections


IDEA Connection

 - Manufacturing operations

- joints by bolted additional plates (splices)

- joints of hollow sections (circular and rectangular hollow sections)

- thin-walled sections

- validations of manufacturing operations

 - Loads

- improved drawing of internal forces on connection members

- tables of loadings according to type of members

- table of forces to verify the balance of joint

 - Checks and calculations

- improved model of bolts in shear (holes, punching in force direction)

- grouting of base plate

- results drawing and tables according to load cases or extremes

- drawing of shear forces in bolts


 - enabled check of concrete sections for concrete age less than 3 days

 - user defined concrete strength in first stage after casting for prefabricated beams


 - possibility to generate groups of variable loads for bridges (EN-1991-2, tables 4.4a and 6.11 ). More load groups with different coefficient psi0 can act in one critical combination.


 - presentation of internal force resultant on staged beams to the centroid of current phase of cross-section or to the centroid of entire cross-section


- fixed evaluation of interaction check - message, if strain caused by longitudinal force/torsion cannot be transferred and if interaction cannot be transferred by concrete

- added message about deviation of shear resultant and in-plane gradient of the strain plane caused by bending also to the interaction check

- modification of input of tendon on the edge in IDEA Tendon to improve input of tendons into circular cross-sections

- fixed possible crash of IDEA Tendon from AxisVM when the original structure changes too much.

- fixed reimport from Scia Engineer and MIDAS when the shape of representative design member changes.

- fixed messages of incorrect input of 3D members in IDEA Beam

- fixed displaying of tables of supports in 2D beam


- fixed name of prestressing load case when importing data from AxisVM

- interaction check fix - the error message about not transfered longitudinal force caused by torsion and shear was not ignored,

  if interaction of shear and torsion was resisted by concrete.



 - Implemented user defined templates of reinforcement

- user defined templates of reinforcement can be created for cross-sections (including general cross-sections)

- reinforced section can be stored as a template for future use. Reinforcement is adapted automatically when applying the template to section of different dimensions.

- templates can be shared between users - selected templates can be exported and imported

- templates manager to manage templates into folders structure

 - Changes in calculation of internal forces arm in shear

- compressed reinforcement and tendons in compressed zone are respected when calculating internal forces arm and effective depth

- implemented linear working diagrams when calculating shear stress in joint. The joint stress is zero, if composite slab is not reinforced and is only tensioned

- GUI improvements

 - Optimisation of dx for stress in joint calculation - dx is assumed as greater of 0.1 * h and 0.01 * length of DM, max 1m.

- Sections for calculation of stress in joint must be at the same face.


 - Implemented flexible supports

- new functionality Flexible supports (similar to IDEA Column)

- input of support stiffness in translation and rotation appropriate to the support type

- input of stiffness of temporary supports on prefabricated beam in individual construction stages

- user defined templates of reinforcement

- user defined templates can be used for concrete design

- templates can be applied for reinforced zones.

 - Nonlinear creep in construction stages (IDEA BEAM)

- nonlinear calculation of creep coefficient, if limit stress of tensioned concrete at time t0 reaches the limit stress

- can be set in stages properties

- fixed brittle failure check launched from IDEA Beam


 - Implemented user defined templates of post-tensioned tendons geometry

- geometry of post-tensioned tendon can be stored as template

- tendon geometry is adapted when applying the template on the design member of another cross-section.

- templates can be shared between users - selected templates can be exported and imported

- templates manager to manage templates into folders structure


- improvements in IDEA Connections


- fixed copying of effects of prestressing to extreme (stress in tendons after long-term losses, calculated initial effects)


- IDEA Connection - average stress for welds check

- IDEA Connection - fixed shear reactions in 64bit solver

- IDEA Designer - improved import of cross-sections from Nexis

- IDEA Designer - improved import of named selectinos from SCIA Engineer


- IDEA RCS - implemented reduction and redistribution of internal forces, including import from concrete plugin

- IDEA RCS - implemented STN EN 1992-1-1:2006/NA Vydáno: 1.4.2007; STN EN 1992-1-1:2006/Oprava AC Vydáno: 1. 6. 2008; STN EN 1992-1-1:2006/NA/Z1 Vydáno: 1. 6. 2013

- Implemented calculation of reduction and redistribution of internal forces in IDEA Beam, IDEA Frame and IDEA Designer - concrete plugin for beams.

- Implemented rotated supports in IDEA Beam and IDEA Frame

- IDEA Beam - input of midspan for temporary supports in construction stage Casting of composite slab including input of camber

- IDEA Designer - implemented reimports of data from Scia Engineer, Midas, RFEM - enables to perform reimport of changed structure and keep data for concrete and steel check

defined in IDEA Designer


- added warning about not imported internal forces from moving loads on 2D elements from MIDAS

- fixed generation of sections in IDEA RCS after change of reinforcement zones in IDEA Tendon from AxisVM

- fixed messages in crack width check

- fixed Design summary - link between navigator, 3D scene and data window

- fixed drawing of 2D internal forces 'vx' and 'vy' in dialog for input of reinforcement points

- fixed change of cross-section name after edit

- fixed storage of change of position of LTB restraint


- fix of internal forces on components of composite cross-section imported from Midas

- fix of accidental combinations imported from AxisVM


- fixed drawing of internal forces on 2D mmebers in IDEA BIM

- fixed crash of 2D members check in IDEA BIM after import from Midas


- fixed crash in input of reinforcement in IDEA Tendon plugin for AxisVM

- fixed recalculation of loads in direction of member local y-axis  (IDEA Frame, IDEA Beam).

- fixed default values of coefficients of load groups Wind/Snow during import from AxisVM


- correction of the error messages about the tensile reinforcement in tension zone when calculating crack width


- fixed list of design groups and design members in IDEA Designer

- fixed averaging of internal forces on triangular 2D element from AxisVM


- implemented check of fire resistance of steel members according to EC

- implemented support for fatigue and accidental combinations in IDEA Beam, IDEA Frame, IDEA BIM, including the data preparation for check in IDEA RCS.

- improved load groups (permanent loads, variable loads) in IDEA Beam, IDEA Frame

- implemented input of stirrups around openings in IDEA RCS

- fixed editing of composite cross-sections in IDEA RCS

- fixed check of Vrds for fatigue in IDEA RCS

- enabled former input of general one-component non-staged cross-section in IDEA RCS, even though the licence for IDEA CSS is available

- improved possibilities for no concrete resistance in tension:

Always - The assumption that the concrete resists no tension will be applied in all SLS checks for all combinations of all sections and their extremes.

Section - In the case that upper or lower design value of internal forces of one of SLS combinations will cause concrete stress higher than concrete tensile strength, the assumption that the concrete resists no tension will be applied in all SLS checks for all combinations of all extremes of current section. The assumptions for SLS checks in other extremes of current section will not be influenced.

Extreme - In the case that upper or lower design value of internal forces of one of SLS combinations will cause concrete stress higher than concrete tensile strength, the assumption that the concrete resists no tension will be applied in all SLS checks for current extreme only. The assumptions for SLS checks in combinations of other sections will not be influenced.


- support for AxisVM12 release 2

- fix in crack width calculation

- Erroneous influence of secondary prestressing effects appeared in XY plane of 2D XZ model of straight beam.

It happened as a result of boundary conditions incorrectly generated for 3D FEM solver.

The bug appeared in case that the point of application of resultant prestressing force fell outside of vertical XZ plane going through cross-section centroid

(e.g. in case of non-symmetric prestressing reinforcement). The bug caused the deviation of 15% from correct internal forces on tested example.

- Incorrect value of the load was fixed in construction stage analysis. The load was caused by reverse reaction generated in removed nodal support,

which had existed in one node in more than one consecutive construction stages

- Incorrect value of the eccentricity was fixed in Time-Dependent Analysis of composite beams.

The eccentricity of reference line and the centroid of transformed cross-section was doubled,

with the impact on equivalent load caused by prestressing. The bug caused the deviation of 10% from correct results of cross-sectional checks on tested example.


- fixed translation of name of new service stage

- fixed index of new service stage

- fixed precision of joints generation

- fixed calculation of bw of prestressed cross-sections

- fixed supports in Y-axis direction of 2D beam

- fixed calculation of tendon relaxation in TDA calculation


- SIA concrete columns check fix


- general cross-section in IDEA RCS - fixed editaion of material properties

- changed coefficient of rhelological load cases in combinations to 1.0

- setting of time intervals division for TDA calculation


- fixed manipulation with 2D sections in IDEA RCS

- support of new version of Midas Civil


- fixed crash in IDEA Tendon report

- fixed crack width check on multi-component cross-sections


- fatigue check improvements


- joint check - fixed precision of calculation of intersection of joint and strirrups


- fixed calculation of shear stress in joint

- IDEA Slab - fixed generation of sections for check in IDEA RSC


- fixed storing of 2D reinforcement in IDEA Designer


- implemented fatigue check of shear reinforcement

- fixed input of concrete sections in AxisVM


- fixed drawing of internal forces on 3D beam

- fixed import of part of structure from Midas - incorrect tendon position

- detailed concrete check in plugin - fixed problem on repeated run

- updated SIA 262 - art. (evaluation of Kc)


IDEA Beam, IDEA Frame

 - new beam types according to material - cast-in-situ, prefabricated, steel

 - new beam types according to prestressing type and cross-section - reinforced, pre-tensioned, post-tensioned, pre/post tensioned

    - composite cross-section  pro for all concrete beams

 - implemented construction stages

    - production - predefined, supports positions may vary in stages

    - service - predefined, user defined

 - composite concrete cross-section

 - new wizard to create new beam

 - 3D beam

    - polygonal beam in ground plane

    - slope of beam - change of z-coordinate of nodes

    - 3D loads (in local or global axes)

    - uncoiled (2D) or 3D view

 - FEM analysis or time dependent analysis (TDA) according to the beam type

 - results presented per stages

 - unified prestressed and non-prestressed design members

    - merge of reinforcement, member data etc. defined in IDEA Tendon and concrete design

    - one reinforcement, one member henceforward

    - detailed concrete check not started in IDEA Tendon, but in concrete design

Concrete design

 - input of check position on design member

    - check of composite beams or prestressed beams is performed in sections

    - automatic generation of positions in reinforcement zones respecting the defined division

    - user defined positions

 - check evaluation in sections

 - check evaluation respecting stages

 - modified report to respect stages

 - fixed presentation of reinforced cross-section in report (overlapping cross-sections)

 - fixed problem of reinforcement on haunch (master cross-section might to mismatch)


 - input of general cross-section using IDEA CSS module

 - new composite cross-sections

 - input of load actions for composite cross-section according to the time axis

 - improved presentation of shear check (dimension lines of bw, d and z)

IDEA Steel

 - SIA - fixed bug in combined stability check

 - fixed problem, when not correct LTB setting was taken in some cases (on borders of checked area)

 - fixed extreme evaluation for extreme check according to 6.3.4

IDEA Designer

- unified prestressed and non-prestressed design members – one reinforcement, common detailed check in IDEA RCS for projects imported from MIDAS


- fixed export of frequent combination for dutch NAD


- fix import from EPW

- fix generation of joints


- fixed import of eccentrities from Midas

- fixed generation of reinforcement after change of master cross-section in haunch

- improved calculation of shear on slabs

- improved generation of joints

- fixed crash in overall check of steel members

- improved import of stages and openings of cross-sections from Midas


- fixed calculation of deflections on rotated members imported from Scia Engineer


- implemented steel code check according to SIA

- implemented Licences manager, one setup for all licence types

- changed algorithm of stability check of nonprismatic members. Critical force Ncr (or critical moment Mcr) were calculate using cross-sectional characteristics in particular section.

  Now Ncr and Mcr are calculated using the smallest cross-section in the corresponding buckling length. This change causes more conservative results.

- implemented shear check for composite cross-sections


- fix import of material to IDEA Tendon from AxisVM


- improved convention of torsional moment of primary effects from prestressing

- fixed LCS of arc member from AxisVM


- fix in import from Midas

- fix in recalculation of imperfections from quasipermanent combination to both directions


- fixed crash in 2D member check


- fixed issues for import from Midas Civil

- fixed calculation of deflections on double sided cantilever


- fixed import from Axis to IDEA Tendon

- implemented Polish national annex

- fixed limit crack width for environmental class XA


- fixed combinations of permanent load groups with different reduction factor

- fixed point moments in IDEA Frame, IDEA Beam


- fixed import of general cross-sections from AxisVM


- common startup application for all IDEA StatiCa products

- update SIA concrete - 2013

- IDEA Column - 3D loads and supports, flexible supports

- IDEA Column - implemented check of steel column

- IDEA Tendon - input of pre-tensioned tendons using absolute or relative coordinates related to cross-section vertexes.

- IDEA BIM - improved speed of generation of combinations, improved speed of results presentation

- fixed coefficients of combinations for more load cases in one variable load cases group

- evaluation of concrete check results using interaction diagrams for all extremes in section


- improvements in input of tendons


- fixed crash in steel code check


- fixed coefficients of self weight in combinations with prestressing load cases


- both steel and concrete members are designed and checked directly in IDEA Designer.

- steel code check integrated directly to applicatons Designer, Beam, Frame.

- common report for input data, checks of  concrete members, checks of steel members in applications Designer, Beam, Frame

- improved input of buckling lengths and lateral buckling lengths

- implemented overall check of whole structure including drawing of check results. Steel check and conrete check results can be evaluated together.

- implemented optimisation of steel cross-sections

- export of 2D drawing to DXF

- unified user interface for applications Beam, Frame, Slab, Cross-section, Bracket

- import of composite cross-sections from Midas Civil to IDEA Designer. Type of cross-section is Concrete-concrete:

- Composite I

- Composite T

- Composite PSC

- import of composite cross-sections stages to IDEA Designer, internal forces are transformed to the centroid of the final cross-section

- import of internal forces of non-linear combinations from AxisVM.


- small fixes


- support of AxisVM11 r5


- improved import of projects with more general materials


- fixed reading of stored reinforcement for some column cross-section types


- Midas import improvement


- fixed import of CellOne and Octagon cross-sections from MIDAS


- implemented check of prestressed reinforcement in the anchorage zone


- New dialog to select sections for check on prestressed design member

- Reduced number of combinations for inidividual stages when importing from MIDAS Civil

- Creating code combinations for each “summation” from construction stages

- Reduced number of error messages when generating sections for check of prestressing

- increased speed of sections generation for check of prestressing


- support of Midas Civil ver. 21 patch 03_213


- improved calculation in IDEA Bracket

- fixed input of torsional moment in IDEA Segment


- fixed presentation of columns second order calculation. Buckling results are presented for combinations which cause the exterme eccentricity and which are used in checks

- critical combinations content is printed in outputs


- New module for desing and check of bracket

- input of geometry and reinforcement of bracket

- input of load effects on bracket

- check using Strut&amp;Tie model

- report of results

- IDEA Designer - import of combination in combination from Midas Civil


- fixed problem in input of nodes in IDEA Beam


- fixed position of pre-tensioned tendon in general cross-section

- fixed deleting results after change of cross-section material


- fix of import for AxisVM 11 release 4

- fix of SIA prestressing materials


- IDEA Cross-section

- new application for input of genera cross-section with more components, calculation of cross-section characteristics, courses of stresses, calculation of stress caused by defined internal forces

- steel and concrete general cross section can be defined in IDEA Beam and IDEA Frame. Steel cross-section can consist of more components, concrete can consist of one component.

- IDEA Slab

- import of shape from DXF

- variable load cases can be assigned to load groups

- either linear combinations or envelope combinations can be defined or combinations according to the code can be generated


- either linear combinations or envelope combinations can be defined or combinations according to the code can be generated

- IDEA Steel

- implemented check of general cross-section (class 3)

- in check setup the option to perform check according to 6.2 can be turned on/off

- IDEA Designer

- import from MIDAS

- load cases can be assigned to groups

- either linear combinations or envelope combinations can be defined or combinations according to the code can be generated


- fixed load case coefficient when importing from Nexis


- fixed incerease of project database after repeated runs of concrete check

- fixed calculation of deflections for some types of cantilevers

- fixed disabled steel check of steel rib imported from AxisVM


- fixed start of analysis after closing IDEA Steel

- fixed change of cross-section on steel beam

- import of basic steel rolled sections from SCIA Engineer

- import from RFEM 4

- IDEA Beam - implemented support for pre-tensioned beams

- IDEA Prestressing - support for pre-tensioned prestressing (input of stressing beds, groups of pre-tensioned tendons,

calculation of losses and effects of pre-tensioned tendons, check of pre-tensioned tendons)


- fixed bug in editation of particular tendon segment type which caused crash of IDEA Prestressing


- fixed crash during storing user settings


- fixes in imports from XML

- fixed geometry check of polygonal tendon out of the design member


- implemented input of polygonal post-tensioned tendon

- 3 predefined shapes of tendon like for tendon defined by segments

- import of shape of polygonal tendon from DXF file for both uncoiled views

- tabular input of coordinates of polygonal tendon

- improved description of tendon geometry

- length of segment, radius, angular change

- implemented tendon spacers

- for equidistant levels in local X-axis of tendon or design member the Y (Z) coordinates are calculated, related to the reference line, min. and max. coordinate of the cross-section

- defined in Y (Z) direction, equidistant or user defined distance from the reference line or min./max. coordinate

- implemented print of tables of tendon geometry and spacers to the report

- improved layout of tables in IDEA Prestressing

- improved names of reinforced sections generated from IDEA Slab to IDEA Concrete

- corrected calculation of unsymmetrical haunch on beam

- corrected problem of repeated launch of IDEA Concrete from design plugin

- improved displayed value of own weight for beams with non-uniform cross-sections or haunches


- fixed calculation of IDEA Frame for some types of steel cross-sections


- fixed import of edge with zero length from XML


- fixed precision of mapping of line loads to mesh on prestressed beam

- fixed crash in check of columns without imperfections and 2nd order effect

- improved import from Axis - rib without eccentricity is imported as standard member


- implemented check of prestressed beam according to SIA in IDEA BEAM and IDEA Frame

- improved tables of result and intermediate results of second order calculations of concrete columns

- flexible point and flexible line supports and point moment loads implemented in IDEA Slab


- improved import of rib to IDEA Prestressing


- fixed calculation of column eccentricity ed0


- new module IDEA PILO


- fixed concrete check for large amount of combinations


- fixed deleting of check results after change of partial factors


- implemented M-N-Kappa diagram


-fixed solver


- fix document output in IDEA Steel


- new release 3.0


- fixed crash of reinforcement editation


- fixed interaction check for stirrups with different diameters


- fix in deflection check


- implemented Eyeshot version 5


- fixed input of reniforcement on edges


- fix document in IDEA Slab

- fixed update of combinations in check modules after changes in input modules


- AxisVM version 11 support


- fixed crash during input of design groups

- fixed displaying of activation dialog

- fixed editation of fields for check


- fixed crash in IDEA Slab


- new application IDEA Beam linked to IDEA Concrete, IDEA Steel and IDEA Prestressing

- IDEA Frame is linked to IDEA Prestressing

- new application IDEA Segment


- fixed generation of protocol


- support of recalculation when data are changed in Designer


- fixed classification of some sections


- fixed import of ribs on walls

- fixed import of internal forces on ribs

- fixed calculation of stress in fibres for some cross-sections

- fixed geometry of RHS sections

- fixed check of Tw, Box2U, Box2L loaded by high shear and bending

- corrected classification of closed sections loaded by biaxial bending

- fixed import of crosss-sections from Axis

- added import of welded RHS